If Spring could create the perfect shoe, THIS would be it.

9 Responses to “TUESDAY SHOESDAY”

  1. LOVE these!!

  2. These are some seriously cute wedges! Love them!

  3. These are AMAZING – who are they by?

  4. They are by Paul Smith & you can find them here! http://bit.ly/h8azTL

  5. You had me at wedge… but you hooked me at bow! L.O.V.E. that grey color is divine :)

  6. love the ribbon ties!

  7. Naomi said on April 26th, 2011 at 4:15 PM   |

    I miss you…these shoes are so cute. I’m only 5’7″ so I love heels and wedges are so easy to wear! xo

  8. Only 5’7″ Naomi?! I’m jealous! I’m 5’3″!! :) But I agree, wedges are fabulous!!!

  9. whoa, are you serious??? those are beyond gorg